Black Goat Of The Woods

by Black Mountain Transmitter



An ode to the Lovecraftian lore of Shub Niggurath, Black Goat of the Woods was conceived as "the soundtrack from some lost low budget horror movie, rediscovered on an old and faded VHS cassette found mouldering in a deserted house in the depths of the woods".

Black Goat of the Woods pays homage to the dark denizen of the nocturnal glades, and is a true paean to backwoods horror.

Composed/decomposed by Black Mountain Transmitter, December 2008 - October 2009.

Originally released as a limited edition CDr by Lysergic Earwax, October 31st 2009. 75 copies SOLD OUT

Reissued as a limited edition cassette by Auris Apothecary, September 23rd 2010. 90 copies SOLD OUT

Reissued on CD by Aurora Borealis, 25th October 2010

(Download version contains pdf's of all the artwork from the original Lysergic Earwax CDr edition.)


released October 31, 2009

J.R. Moore - sounds
C. Mitchell - additional percussion

All album photography by Alexander Binder



all rights reserved


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